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Baytex Energy Corp.

Why Invest in Baytex


Sustainable Growth and Income Model

Sustainable Growth-and-Income Model At Baytex, we are committed to a growth and income business model and its three fundamental principles: delivering organic production growth, paying a meaningful dividend and maintaining capital discipline. 

Sector-Leading Capital Efficiencies

SSector-Leading Capital Efficiencies Baytex continues to demonstrate superior capital and operational efficiencies as we prudently execute our strategy for long-term sustainability. Baytex's three key oil resource plays - the Eagle Ford in Texas, the Peace River Oil Sands and Lloydminster heavy oil - represent three of the highest rate of return projects in North America. 

Sophisticated Risk Management

Technically-Focused Team Baytex actively employs risk mitigation strategies to maximize the profitability of its production in the context of volatile differentials. In 2013, we significantly expanded our use of rail transportation, which allows us to deliver our heavy oil to higher netback markets and mitigate our exposure to pipeline access disruptions. 

Crude Oil Focus

Long-Term, Low-Cost Drilling Inventory We are an oil company – approximately 82% of our production and 84% of our reserves are derived from crude oil and liquids. Approximately half of our production comes from the Eagle Ford in Texas which provides exposure to Gulf Coast crude oil markets with established transportation systems.  

Conservative Payout Ratio 
& Strong Balance Sheet

Conservative Payout Ratio & Strong Balance Sheet Baytex maintains a conservative payout ratio, which has historically averaged between 30% and 40% of our funds from operations, net of our dividend reinvestment plan. We continue to have a strong balance sheet and ample liquidity to allow us to successfully execute our growth and income business model. 

Responsible Value Creation

Long-Term Market Outperformance We believe that by acting as a responsible company in all aspects of our operations, not just financial, we create long-term value for all stakeholders. We focus on employee opportunities for personal growth, an improved quality of life in communities where we operate, business opportunities for Aboriginal groups, and an attractive return on investment for shareholders. 

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Our operations are organized into Canadian Heavy Oil, Canadian Light Oil and Gas and United States business units.

Operations Map

Operations Map
Responsible Development

In addition to shareholders, Baytex has a responsibility to the communities in which we work and do business.

Corporate Responsibility

Heavy Oil

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