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Why Invest in Baytex


Sustainable Growth-and-Income Model

Sustainable Growth-and-Income Model At Baytex, we strive to provide investors with a meaningful dividend while growing our production base organically. Our long-range plan calls for a projected organic production growth rate of approximately 6% per year, all while continuing to pay a meaningful dividend to shareholders. 

Sector-Leading Capital Efficiencies

SSector-Leading Capital Efficiencies Baytex continues to demonstrate superior capital and operational efficiencies as we prudently execute our strategy for long-term sustainability. From 2006 through year-end 2013, we have grown our reserve base at a compound annual growth rate of 12%, to a level of 318 million barrels of oil equivalent (proved plus probable) at December 31, 2013. Our 2013 finding, development, and acquisition costs of $18.28 per boe, including changes in future development costs, resulted in a recycle ratio of 1.8x, ranking us highly in the industry.

Technically-Focused Team

Technically-Focused Team At Baytex we are a technically-focused organization. We employ a full complement of engineering, geological and geophysical, land, marketing, environmental, health & safety, accounting, human resource, and investor relations disciplines. We were the first to employ a multi-lateral well design at Peace River, our key oil sands property, where capital efficiency ratios range from $5,000-$9,000 per daily boe, based on first month average production rates. We continue to look for ways to extract further value from our land base and grow our production through improving our cold production and adding on new thermal cyclic steam stimulation and steam-assisted gravity drainage projects, following the success of our existing thermal projects.

Long-Term, Low-Cost Drilling Inventory

Long-Term, Low-Cost Drilling Inventory We are an oil company – approximately 88% of our production and 90% of our reserves are derived from crude oil. We have amassed a significant inventory of long-term, low cost crude oil projects, most notably in the Peace River area of northwest Alberta, consisting of both cold primary production and thermal development, and our Lloydminster heavy oil region of west central Saskatchewan and east central Alberta. We also have an emerging light oil resource play in the Bakken-Three Forks in North Dakota.

Conservative Payout Ratio 
& Strong Balance Sheet

Conservative Payout Ratio & Strong Balance Sheet Baytex's sustainable business model is one based on a conservative payout ratio and a strong balance sheet. Historically, Baytex's payout ratio has generally averaged between 40% and 50% of our funds from operations, net of our dividend reinvestment plan. We are conservatively financed with a debt to funds from operations ratio of 1.3x as of December 31, 2013. While maintaining the strength of our balance sheet, we have continued our monthly cash payments to our shareholders.

Long-Term Value Creation for Shareholders

Long-Term Market Outperformance Baytex's high crude oil weighting, technical focus, sustainable business model, and strong inventory of development projects have all been key factors in this outperformance. In the new corporate era, as in the trust era, we base our business on sound technical decisions, prudent financial practices, and creation of real value from our assets. We have brought the emphasis on capital efficiency that Baytex learned during the trust era into the corporate and our capital efficiencies help set us apart amongst the industry.

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In addition to shareholders, Baytex has a responsibility to the communities in which we work and do business.

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