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Baytex Energy Corp.



Duvernay Map

Quick Facts
Land Holdings 430 net sections

Production (Q1/2019) 

 1,800 boe/d
  • Baytex entered the Duvernay area in August 2018, following a strategic combination with Raging River Exploration Inc.
  • Early stage, high netback light oil resource play
  • Moderate drilling depths of ~2,200 to 2,400 metres tvd
  • Significant resource potential of 8 to >25 MMbbls OOIP per section
  • Minimal and manageable infrastructure spending required to develop the play
  • Large drilling inventory – potential for 750 light oil locations
  • Delineated approximately 35 sections in the Pembina region, representing 175 potential drilling opportunities
  • Q4/2018 production more than doubled from the previous reporting period of August 22 to September 30, 2018