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Baytex Energy Corp.

Peace River


Peace River Map

Quick Facts
Land Holdings 725 net sections
Production (Q1/2019) 17,300 boe/d
  • Baytex entered the Peace River area in 1999, and has grown production from zero to current rates
  • Heavy oil asset, developed primarily via cold-flow horizontal multi-lateral wells targeting the upper portion of the Bluesky formation
  • Typical well design is 12 mile-long laterals per well, sometimes augmented with several shorter laterals
  • Average well cost is $2.6 million with IP30 rates of approximately 300-400 boe/d
  • Annual capital efficiency is approximately C$12,000/boe/d
  • 2018 North Seal development (six wells) generated ~ 700 boe/d per well

Multi-lateral Well