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Heavy Oil Calculator


Modelling Inputs

Blend Ratio (% of blend): 0.23
Western Canadian Select Discount to LLB/LLK (US$/bbl): 0.25
Condensate Transportation (US$/bbl): 0.75

Investor Inputs

WTI: $ (US$/bbl - example $80)
Western Canadian Select ("WCS") Differential: % (% of WTI - example 18%)
Condensate Premium (Discount) to WTI (US$/bbl): $ (US$/bbl - example $1.00)
Exchange Rate (US$/C$): $ (US$/C$ - example $0.98)


WTI (US$/bbl):
WCS Differential (% of WTI):
WCS (C$/bbl):
Cost of Blending (C$/bbl):
Raw Heavy Oil Price (C$/bbl):
Raw Heavy Oil Price as a % of WCS:

The heavy oil calculator provides an indicative price of what a typical raw heavy oil barrel will receive at Hardisty, Alberta prior to deductions for transportation. Note that our Seal volumes will typically receive a discount to this Hardisty price. Baytex's raw heavy oil price will vary depending on market conditions.

The cost of blending reflects the cost of the diluent (e.g. condensate) and the amount of diluent required to blend with the heavy oil (average API of 11 degrees) in order to bring the crude oil up to pipeline specifications (average API of 20.5 degrees). This is referred to as a blend ratio. In this example, using condensate as the diluent, the blend ratio is 0.23. In other words, for every blended barrel of crude oil shipped on the pipeline, 23% of that barrel is condensate and 77% is heavy crude oil. The blend ratio can vary depending on the quality of the diluent.